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23 May 2008


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I am in the same boat, excepting that my wife does 60 to 70% of the cooking (meaning I have less control).

Being the only one who needs to deal with my weight by staying mostly low-carb has presented a real challenge, especially since I don't want to put any more burden on her regarding preparing dinner (i.e. special requirements for me).

With three munchkins underfoot, that's already challenging enough.

In this effort I've tried just about every low carb eating plan over the past 15 years. The one that I've found works best is the Carbohydrate Addicts diet.

Before I go into an explanation about it, I'll first ask...do you know about this way of eating?


Yeah, I know about CA. It's pretty flexible and realistic compared to some of the other ones. It's particularly well adapted to families with only one member who's got to do the low carb thing, since you can have a more or less "normal" family dinner.

I don't need to follow any strict rules anymore myself -- it's sort of second nature now. I just keep my breakfast and lunch simple (eggs; salad with cold cuts), and dinner balanced to suit me, and it's not been a problem. The we-should-eat-less-meat thing is the only real tension it has created. Oh, and there is sometimes the gosh-I-missed-when-you-used-to-make-pizza-all-the-time...

If you're looking for a special meal request that won't make more work for your wife -- speaking as the cook and the low-carber -- Honestly, I think the easiest way to do low-carb dinners is to switch from meat-veg-starch to meat-veg-veg, with the veg being kept simple (e.g. salad and baked sweet potato; cooked frozen green beans and a bowl of baby carrots) and let carb eaters eat bread and butter if they want some. At least, that's the format I follow when I'm not feeling very creative.


Great suggestions...the only problem is that bread won't be an acceptable alternative.

They are all nuts about pasta (which I actually don't even much like-I am a potato/bread addict) and removing them from the menu on a regular basis would be a non-starter.

the best I've been able to do on that front is to get them to switch over to the whole grain versions (some of the newer ones aren't too bad0.

I've mostly got it under control now as well. The way I manage is to, more often than not, just skip breakfast, eat the low-car lunch, and then give myself a little extra leeway at dinner.

Christy P

Really, you are doing pretty well on the sustainability front by consuming local, sustainably raised animal products. The mission to consume less is commendable, and still a great idea, but recognize and celebrate what you are doing already for global sustainability.


Thanks for the cheerleading ;-)


Canned fish? Really? We live in the midwest, so I'm really gun-shy about getting fish at all, it is so frequently disgustingly "fishy". But canned fish sounds scary. What kind do you get? How do you use it?


Well, tuna of course! I've never thought of canned tuna as even remotely scary. :-)

But there is also canned salmon (for salmon patties or salmon loaf, mostly) and sardines and kippers.

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