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12 June 2008


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Barbara C.

We really liked the picture book "George Washington's Teeth". I also love the musical "1776" even though it as a handful of suggestive lines, but most kids wouldn't pick up on them.


Barbara, I liked that picture book too! It's really packed with remarkable, human details. (In a similar vein: Jean Fritz's "George Washington's Mother.")

You will see me recommend the musical 1776 in a post about the Revolutionary War period.


I am really enjoying reading along about your curriculum, so thank you for posting about it! Did you ever get a look at that book about the Age of Exploration, The World Made New or something, that you had a link to a while back? I was curious if it turned out to be any good or not.

Also, a fun fact you may or may not have run across about Thomas Jefferson, who was himself acutely aware of the contradiction of the slaveholding Founders. In his original draft of the Declaration of Independence (http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/aia/part2/2h33.html), one of the grievances he listed against the British crown was that it had introduced the slave trade into the Americas and then had vetoed any attempt of the colonies to legislate against it. My understanding is that of all the changes that were made to Jefferson's draft, the elimination of this section upset him the most. If you're curious, a truly excellent book that goes beyond simply observing fashionably that there were a lot of slaveholders among the Founders to actually make an argument about the hows and whys of the "American contradiction" is the brilliant Edmund Morgan's American Slavery, American Freedom.

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