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20 June 2008


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Hey, sounds like it's about time to . . . oh, nevermind. ;)


Good for you, I bet it is nice to see that number on the scale again. Good luck on that next ten pounds too - it sounds like you've got a good strategy for it.

I have a similar sort of hidden advantage - I was quite in shape in high school and all because I did a lot of long distance cycling, but I tailed off in college and gradually grew sedentary. Once I stopped riding my bike to class after I graduated, I got heavier and heavier, and when I got married I was at my heaviest yet. I managed to lose it all and got back to my high school shape after my first was born and I was able to do it again (and even better, really) after my second was born. Now I have the advantage of stepping on the scale at 1 week postpartum and finding that I already weigh less than I did when I got married! However, it does make for some wedding pictures I have no real interest in displaying... Ah, vanity.


Congrats! FWIW, I can sympathize with Mark - I don't exercise, except daily walks to the subway, but I do feel older.

On a humorous note, it's not always great being thin. For example, there's this line from an MSNBC story about how thin people can get diabetes (which I don't have) - the writer is describing visiting a friend after several years:

"Once 6'3'' and 215 pounds, he's now a cadaverous-looking 145."

Cadaverous looking? Hey, that hurts...

Margaret in Minnesota


Christy P

Commenting on a comment - Derek, remember when we went to the GAP Outlet in KY and you got those 30x36 pants? I still have and wear one of the shirts I got that day, but the jeans have long worn out.


How could I forget that? Although I've starting wearing pants more loosely - 32x34 (unless I've gotten fatter and shorter). Happily, these aren't quite as hard to find or as greeted with derision.

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