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13 June 2008


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I don't think I would ever get a vaccine like this. We don't even seem to know the basic question of whether the plaques seen in Alzheimers are a cause or a sign of the disease. So, great! Block formation of the plaques, but do people perform better? No...


I am also inherently suspicious of medical endeavors to translate basic research into clinical practice. If I had a dime for every tumor we could cure in mice... Scientists talk up their research (and often demonize skeptics - see "stem cells as a panacea" for more information). Then when it fails, they demand more public money to fund their careers... er, I mean life-saving research. We've picked the low-hanging fruit in medical breakthroughs. The rest will come very slowly and at a high cost. And I think there are a great many diseases we will never cure, short of completely re-engineering our species.

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