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27 July 2008


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Amy F

Do you have Marilyn Shannon's Fertiity, Cycles, and Nutrition? I use the whole wheat recipe she has in there. I'll type it out if you don't have the book.


I have it, and will look, thanks for the tip!


Back when the office was in a coworker's basement, we used to make bread nearly every day. Here is the perfected recipe:

1c. water
1T. olive oil
4T. honey
3c. whole wheat flour
2t. salt
3t. yeast
(1/4c. sunflower seeds or chopped nuts)

This made a pretty dense loaf with the standard settings of the bread maker we were using.

After some experimenting, we were able to get a much lighter loaf by starting a 2 1/2 hour cycle, letting it run for about 20 minutes to mix the ingredients, turning it off to let the dough rise for 40-60 mins, then starting a new 2 1/2 hour cycle and letting it run through.


Greg, was that for a 1.5 pound loaf, or a 2 pound loaf?


OK, after carefully perusing the manual for the machine, it says it has an "extend rise" option. The extend rise is only 20 minutes max, but the whole cycle (with the extend rise) is 4 hours 10 minutes, so maybe it'll work.

I think the "lopsided" was because I didn't check the consistency of the dough and it should have had water added to it. But I'm just guessing.


I don't ever remember checking the weight of the finished loaf.

There was some bread baked that was not particularly edible, but once we got the recipe tuned to the machine, it was consistently excellent.

I'd probably start with the built in cycle (less work!) and experiment from there.


Well, Greg, I'm trying it your way now -- per Hannah's recommendations upon tasting the finished loaf, I let it go through the first knead cycle, took the bread out and let the machine cool down, then put it back in and started again. This should double the first knead time.

After I'd already started, I realized -- duh! -- I could have put it in for the "Dough" cycle and then put it in again for a "Wheat Bread" cycle. This would have been a little more standardized.

My husband the shortening expert thinks I should have used coconut oil instead of olive. Did you ever do that? I mean, since it was your family who turned me on to coconut oil in the first place, it sort of makes sense. :-)


Hm, now all the machine is doing is spinning the dough ball around and around. Pure rotation, no shear. I don't think that counts as "kneading."

Oh well, we'll see how it turns out!


Hey guys, looking to buy a new Kitchenaid Stand Mixer for my mother-in-law. Not sure which one to get....any ideas???

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