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14 July 2008


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Christy P

What's old is new again - I remember your measured cucumber and italian dressing salads in the high school cafeteria.


Hah! That was the low fat time. You will recall that it got me nowhere. :-)


I find portion control very hard, which is probably why I've always struggled with losing the last five or ten pounds... I think you're right on target with accepting being hungry. I have a hard time not only with that, but with not taking a second helping of good food even if I'm reasonably satisfied.

Christy P

I do recall that low fat got you nowhere, but it made me feel like your lunch was very exotic compared to my peanut butter and honey sandwich that I ate ninety nine and forty four one hundredths of days from 1st through 12th grade.

Note to all - my lunch choice was my own, not forced upon me by an external decision-maker. I didn't like how meat sandwiches got warm or sandwiches with jelly or jam got wet. I didn't like how cheese got sweaty. Hence PB&H. Crunchy PB, of course. Now that I work in climate-controlled offices, I have cheese and crackers or bread for lunch nearly every day and only rarely do I have PB&H, although I do still like them.


Hello! I found you yesterday via The Conversion Diary and I'm reading through your posts contained in "The Master Chronological Index..." In this post, you've hit close to home for me - I'm afraid of being hungry too. (And I comfort/soothe/relieve stress by eating.) Yet every now and then when I do "embrace" hunger, I find that - ironically - I feel more in control of my food portions and also more in control of my life in general. I don't feel like I'm living life on a runaway train, barreling away more and more quickly, more and more out-of-control.

I just had to stop and say that. Thanks for these posts and for compiling them in a central location - I'm going to continue reading through them.


Thank you Monica! I'm glad to see that this old post is still getting some views :-)

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