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14 July 2008


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"If something will be thrown out if I don't eat it, I eat some."

I have a huge problem with this one - and I think it really plays a part in why I gained so much weight with this pregnancy, because my eating was really quite good except for this issue. I remembered reading at some point awhile ago someone's advice about this though. When faced with this situation, she would tell herself that "she is not a garbage can". I remembered about this recently and it has helped. Also having a worm bin helps with this too, because at least I feel like some good is coming from disposing of the food, even if it isn't being eaten!

It is great that you're figuring this stuff out though - this should really be something that could have an enormous life long impact. (and perhaps a long life impact too... sorry, couldn't resist!)


"I am not a compost bin/garbage can" -- hm, I like that.


I hate to see food go to waste, so if the kids leave food on their plates I will mindlessly eat it. Also, I tend to eat too quickly and too much at meals -- probably a legacy of being part of a large family where if you didn't eat as much as you could quickly you were out of luck, because your brother would grab the last helping.

We even have a compost heap (of sorts) and although I throw out scraps when I'm preparing food, I hadn't thought to scrape plates onto it. New horizons in waste management!

Margaret in Minnesota

Now I know that you are not only a friend of the heart but also of the stomach! There is so much I can relate to in this series of posts, so many head-nodding moments.

I, too, need to be okay with being hungry.

And I, too, have had to tell myself, "I am not a garbage can!" when feeling tempted to scrape that left-over mac-n-cheese into my mouth.

Overcoming years and years and YEARS of bad eating habits is not easy. Thank you for taking this one on in your ever-smart and honest way.

Hi to the kids,

Mrs. B.

PS. Milo got annoyed at me during CVBS when I told him--gently--that my name was Mrs. B. "No," he insisted, "Your name is 'Margaret'!"


Oh goodness! Sounds like him.


Just found this post via Amy and had to comment. Preemptive eating I never had a problem with until pregnancy. But my first trimesters are fraught with nausea and I do find preemptive eating helps to control nausea. I start to feel queasy when I get hungry or tired and eating a little before I get tired helps to prevent nausea. But I have found that the fear of being hungry continues into the second and third trimesters and even in the postpartum period and I keep eating more than I need, packing extra food for even short car trips and the like and generally eating more than I need and gaining more than I should. I've just not figured out how to flip that mentality off when it is no longer a useful tool in nausea management and so though I'd never had weight issues pre-pregnancy I now struggle to find healthier ways to eat.

Thanks for these interesting post, it is helping me to gain some needed perspective.

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