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19 July 2008


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If it's any consolation, I have also had three children. With the first two all the weight came off from nursing over about 6-12 months with no specific diet plan (although I try to eat sensibly). It was only the last one, where I was overweight before pregnancy, that I had to actively work at it to lose the weight. Maybe your 4th at a healthy weight might mimic my experience with the first two.


Boy, that would be nice. Timing is everything, I guess, but I was just telling my husband this morning that I hope I can have the experience of maintaining at the goal weight for at least several weeks, just so I know what it's like, before we conceive again.

I may have mentioned that I'm not allowed to have babies during ski season (this is only half joking), so there's a certain window of opportunity that has to be hit here.

Amy F

Your thoughts on being hungry really struck something with me. I couldn't remember the last time I felt hungry. Over the past few days, I've made an effort to drink water when I feel an itchy need to put something in my mouth and wait until I'm actually hungry to have any snacks. It hasn't been perfect because there was a family wedding and special circumstances, but I am definitely eating less and getting a proper amount of water for a change.

Thanks also for clarifying your height -- seeing numbers in the 120's is sort of jarring otherwise.

I'm 2 years postpartum with my second child and lost all the weight within a few months (I was at a better prepregancy weight than I had been with #1), but have since gone up to my highest non-pregnant weight. This is the first time in 5 years I haven't been pregnant or nursing more than a couple times a day and I'd still been eating like I had a newborn. I thought weight would drop with the extra activity of summer, but your posts lately gave me the kick to realize that I need to stop eating so much. I've also started seeing a physical therapist to work on the diastasis recti 2 babies in 2 years gave me. I figure that at this point, if I'm avoiding a third conception, I should actively be working to correct the things I need to fix instead of just whining about them.


Thank you for this series of posts! I'm struggling with this issue at the moment an you've brought clarity to a bunch of aspects to address. Best of luck


I'm reading your whole series for a second time. The first was 6 weeks ago and was part of a 10 pound drop in weight. I stumbled in the past week and have had a hard time righting myself. So I'm re-reading and feeling stronger already. Being okay with hunger is so important, that's where I've fallen, and it's triggered by sugar/refined carbs in my case. I get bingy and irrational. Anyhow, thank you.


Thanks for the kind words, Tanya. I'm always really pleased to hear that long after I've written this stuff, it's still resonating with people. Heck, I go back and re-read it a lot myself.

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