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27 July 2008


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I'd heard about this a while back, and while it seemed to have some wisdom, I was hesitant because it didn't seem 'agressive' enough.

I previously lost about 15 pounds over a couple of months doing CAD, in order to begin battling the shocking discovery that I have sleep apnea, and high blood pressure (really high-actually a result of the extra weight, but more so do to the Apnea).

Anyway, I'd pretty much stalled for about two months and still wanted to lose another 15 at least. I finally gave No-S a try, and I also started doing the urban ranger type deal...walking at lunch, getting off the Trolley at an earlier stop and walking the rest of the way...that kind of thing.

It's been really enlightening.

The 'diet' is really easy with so few rules (though I do usually try to keep trans fat and sodium at a minimum as an additional rule). And the longer I do it, the more it makes sense and the more obvious it is.

With the combination of the two changes, my weight loss has picked back up and (as evidenced in my 124/69 blood pressure level now-down from a frightening 170/110). The walking in particular has made a huge difference.

It's defintely worth a try.

Unfortunately, none of this (including the weight loss) has helped with the Sleep Apnea, which is really taking it's toll.

I've started to have to wear a CPAP mask, and that has not been going so great. The lack of sleep for such an extended period (probably going on a couple of years) has really knocked me down emotionally and mentally...sorry for the tangent...any prayers would be appreciated.

Jennifer (Et Tu?)

Yes! I'm excited about the No-S diet. I blogged about my experience with it here if you have any interest:

One of the things I love about it is that you can still do it throughout pregnancy or breastfeeding (as you said, I'm planning to switch it to four meals). It's really changed the way I look at my eating habits.

Also, thanks for pointing me to the rest of this guy's sites. I hadn't seen them. They look great.

Steve - you'll be in our prayers.


Thanks Jen...I am in a pretty rough patch lately and can really use them.


Oh, hi, Jennifer (et tu) -- I just read, like, half your blog yesterday so it's nice to see you here.

I really wish I had been reading you back when you were writing about community vs. isolation a lot -- also one of my favorite topics...


Hi Erin,
Speaking of isolation vs. community, I am wondering if you got the email I sent you through the HMS blog about that topic?

I had some basic questions about how you implemented this among the mini-community you seem to have built.

I finally did find a couple of posts on your blog about it, but I was hoping for some additional info.


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