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30 July 2008


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Christy P

I like food posts.


Heh, well, thanks for the validation. I admit I've been kind of obsessed lately.


I'm with Christy P--I like food posts, too.

I'm impressed with all you've learned about hunger, about yourself, etc. And with how you're applying common sense to find great solutions.

Jim T

Hi Erin,
Thanks for Blogging, it is all great reading.

As far as hunger pangs go, ever notice that the morning after you have an overly large meal, you think your stomach is going to eat its way through you? On nights you go to bed satisfied or slightly hungry, you wake up normally and may not even be hungry for breakfast....what's up with that?!??!?

Any ways, good luck with your continued journey to healthier eating habits!

God Bless!


Jim T, yes -- I have noticed that! I don't know what's up with it either. Maybe it has more to do with the kind of dinner than with the amount of dinner -- like, certain types of food (pasta?) I might be more likely to overeat, and maybe that's the sort that leaves one hungrier?


Oh the encouragement this brings! I may not just feel hunger forever at all times!

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