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31 July 2008


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Amy F

I essentially tried your only-when-hungry approach last week and have definitively been doing the No-S this week because it was too easy for me to justify extra grazing before. I'm on the fourth day of no snacking or seconds and it's been remarkably easy. I usually feel somewhat hungry before dinner and when I go to bed, but not horribly so. I didn't eat tons of junk before, but snacks tended towards carbs, so I think my food group proportions are better balanced. I found out that my scale was 6 lbs low and was extra motivated to keep doing something about it. I'm looking forward to the weekend and its food freedom -- I expect ice cream will be eaten -- but more because I picked a ton of blueberries and I'd like to do something fun with them without worrying whether I'm allowed to eat them. I'm also feeling like I can get a better handle on my boys' constant whining for snacks -- if I'm not eating either, I'm not a hypocritic saying they can't. I think for them, we'll try for a mid-afternoon snack, probably fruit, and possibly something before bed if dinner was early (we've been waking up late so there's not much time between breakfast and lunch). They need to eat more often than I do, but not constantly.

Thanks again for bringing this topic up -- it's been very helpful.

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