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30 August 2008


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I know exactly what you mean - I lost a huge amount of weight after my daughter was born and I reached a point where I needed to figure out how to gain weight... but I had broken all those awful snacking & unhealthy food habits and I didn't want to go back to those bad days. It was really challenging to figure out how to make it work. I'm really not sure if I did do so, as both times I've reached this situation I ended up easing off a bit on the nursing and that closed the gap somewhat and helped me to gain/stay at a good weight. Then I got pregnant again and the whole thing started all over. *grin* I suppose someday I'll have to figure it out!

Oh, and completely unrelated, I've been meaning to thank you for an idea you put forward awhile back on serving salads. I started doing cut veggies for the kids and individual bowls for the adults and it works really well for everyone. At this point I don't think it takes longer, and I think we're all doing better in the veggie department. So, anyways, thanks for sharing that!

Amy F

How about purposely slowing down before reaching your goal so it's not such a shock by the time you get there? Adding a little to your plate each time you eat seems less out of whack than eating an entire extra meal. What about adding strength conditioning of some sort? Muscle weighs more than fat, so if you're gaining muscle, your weight would be higher than it otherwise would be. I might have this all twisted up, but if your calories were still low, but you were adding muscle, wouldn't your weight stay steady?

I've averaged about a pound a week drop since starting No-S a month ago. I'd like to drop another 10. I have no mental problems with adding evening ice cream back on S days, though :)


Amy F, isn't No S cool? In the end I decided to follow different rules, even for maintenance, but I like to think of myself as "no-s-ing in spirit."

As for gradually increasing my calories -- I'll write more about this. It is kind of my first instinct to do it that way, and I think it's sort of dietary conventional wisdom. But I'm not aware of any data that shows it's more effective at preventing weight gain than increasing all at once.

Mark had some suggestions on how to do this, coming entirely from the process engineering/SPC perspective. Adding 875 calories all at once is his idea. I'll write about that as it develops.


I am not sure how you adapted but I am thinking wine and cheese every night sounds pretty darn good -- fat calories, tasty, wine.

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