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29 August 2008


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Hmm, because you're planning a Fiesta of Cholesterol and Fat? Am I invited?


Heh. In a way I sort of am. Keep trying.

Amy F

They all have the same grams of fat? Or the same of some other nutritional detail?

Amy F

I take it back. I bet it has something to do with the amount of protein.

Take pity and tell us!


They are approximately the same by a nutritional metric, but there's a reason why I'm interested in that particular metric.

Amy F

Oh boo. It's definitely not protein, though. I need to actually look things up before guessing.

Amy F

You've forced me to make a big chart now...


Oh my. Don't work so hard.

I will tell you that the particular metric has to do with something that's specific to ME.

Amy F

Okay, I'm an idiot. They all have the same number of calories (I checked fat, sat fat, chol., sodium, sugars, protein, and fiber and forgot calories).

Since it's just under 900ish, it can't be the amount of calories you ought to consume in a day. The number of calories you burn in a swimming workout? No, I've got it -- it's equivalent to the calories burned in a week of swimming workouts (assuming three).

I have to be getting closer.


You are definitely getting closer. But swimming doesn't enter into the calculation.

Anyone besides AmyF have a guess? Or are you all off enjoying your long weekend already? I'm home with the little ones 'cause Mark took Oscar off to practice his two wheeled bike and then took him to a party.

Amy F

Face it, we're the only ones home with away/asleep husbands.

I might have to actually go make the applesauce I've been avoiding all week.

Paula in MN

Unfortunately, I haven't been following the weight loss plan, so I don't want to make a guess. I will say that I'm glad your plan is working for you, and Amy F is not the only one reading!!

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