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29 August 2008


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Margaret in Minnesota

Wow is right. That is why I don't read those blogs, Erin. I prefer to stay home and take care of my children, and when the day comes around I vote "Pro-Life."

It's not the most politically aware of stances and I know it, but I am far less distracted and ANGRY as I go about my day.


Margaret: TalkLeft isn't "one of those blogs." The commenters there are decrying the appearance of this language on "those blogs."

They are liberals who are, in my opinion, quite correctly upset that so called "progressives" have turned to such ugly words to describe a high-achieving woman.

Just a clarification.

Barbara C.

I've actually seen a discussion about how appropriate it is for the mother of a young child to run for v.p. on a conservative forum for women. And I am sure that groups like Promisekeepers who ask places to not allow female wait-staff when they have big meetings aren't too happy, either. So these things aren't just coming from the "Left".

Of course, the bad language people are probably just trolls looking to stir things up.

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