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26 September 2008


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I make my steel cut oats overnight in the crockpot, so we eat that 2 or 3 days a week. Sadly, most of the other days are cereal, but I do also make peanut butter on toast, or leftover pancakes on occasion.


I tried steel cut oats in the crockpot but didn't like the texture. I like them pretty chewy. So now I put them in a rice cooker and plug the rice cooker into the timer to come on early in the morning. Regular "old fashioned" oats, however, microwave just fine in 7-10 minutes on 70% power. That's why the one is in my "requires advance prep" category and the other is in my "make in the morning" category.

Cold cereal, at our house, is an occasional treat. It's just too darn expensive on a per-serving basis, and it makes the kids waste milk. I can beat its price with local humanely produced eggs and bacon for the whole family!


Did you solve your foaming problem with steel-cut oats in the rice cooker?


CJ: No, they still foam, but Hannah taught me how to take the lid apart and clean it.

One of these days I'll have Hannah guest blog and then she can solve all your tricky homemaking problems too :-)


I was curious about whether you tried adding a little fat to squelch the foaming.


No, I forgot your suggestion. I'll try it next time.


We use old-fashioned oats as back-up, too. Actually, my children initially turned their noses up at the steel cut oats because they didn't like the chewier texture. They much prefer the crock-pot version.

I stock up on about 3 varieties of cereal when it's on sale. It's still more expensive and less healthy than I'd like, but not as bad as it could be, either.

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