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11 September 2008


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Maybe a pat of butter (or coconut oil, in your house) along with the oats? That's what I do to prevent foaming/clogging in my pressure cooker, just add a smidge of fat.

I love steel-cut oats but my boys do not. One of them says the texture reminds him of bursting pustules. Mmm, pustules for breakfast. If the cooking times weren't so different, I'd fade in steel-cut oats a little at a time in our regular oatmeal, but... you know what? Just this minute it dawned on me -- I don't think anything bad happens to rolled oats that get cooked for longer than usual. Maybe I'll try that: a little steel-cut, a bunch of the usual, and gradually shift the proportions. Excuse me while I think aloud in your comments. :-)

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