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17 September 2008


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I agree with the one plate rule, but the Annie Rule is harder than it looks.

I really wish this system would work for me like it does for so many. My problem is that I exercise too little and I often don't eat the 1700 calories I need in a day. I can maintain a weight easy, but it will take more exercise to lose the (extra 100+ pounds of) weight.

I have to laugh, because so many of us get going good on this, then get pregnant! What's that all about?

Best wishes with your trials and successes!

Margaret in Minnesota

I am thankful for this list, Erin. You really do look great, you know, and it's not just a question of being slimmer. You have a glow about you that I'd swear stemmed from...discipline? Inner peace? Joy vs. bitterness? (That's an inside joke, of course, referring to Father's talk last night.)

Anyway, please know that you've inspired me to be more conscientious. I am posting this list to keep myself honest and will be stopping by your home for my weekly weigh-ins. Do Saturday mornings work for you? :)

Also, does the "Annie Rule" apply to all of #10 or just the dessert part?

And finally, are you still nursing Mary Jane? Because your energy requirements will change A LOT after you wean her.


Margaret, Saturday mornings work fine for me as that is my time off and I will be out for a nice breakfast by myself in a restaurant with a good book. Do knock first before entering my bathroom to use the scale, as you might surprise my husband.

The Annie Rule applies to all of number 10.

And as for weaning... I've been nursing continuously for eight years now. So far, I've managed to have the next baby born before the toddler is weaned.
(I realize that won't go on forever, but...)


You know, Melissa, I'm not convinced that exercise (above and beyond the level of baseline activity -- whether you're sedentary or active in your daily work) is a significant factor in weight loss. "Scheduled" extra exercise like trips to the gym, workout videos, and the like is just a drop in the bucket compared to the metabolic energy spent just living. That's not to say that it's a bad idea to get extra exercise -- it's a great idea, if anything just to lift your mood and help you live longer -- but I don't think it's ever productive to say "the problem is that I exercise too little." I worry that this creates a mental state where you can't make other changes until you've "solved" the exercise problem.

I know for me there wasn't one single "the" problem, there were a number of problems, many of them mental. The crucial connection I made was that I had to choose better habits for their own sake, and not for the sake of results they would produce.

On the other hand, I know that the act of making a commitment to swim twice a week seriously jarred me into a frame of mind where I felt capable of losing the weight I had to lose, around fifty pounds, nearly a third of my body weight at the time.

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