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29 September 2008


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Christy P

In this entirely NON swing state, the election season is a totally different experience. One of the candidates (McCain) hasn't even bothered to open an office here. We don't see commercials. We don't get visits. The yard signs and bumper stickers are heavily distributed to one side (Obama), and it's not the one that will carry the state (likely McCain). Not enough to make me move back to Ohio, but it is still distressing to know that we really don't count much.


You counted in the primaries. I think people discount that, but it's really important.


Great post!

I have really been agonizing over this election, and haven't yet fully made up my mind what to do (I was debating between the practical vs. the idealistic vote, rather than the two candidates-one of which is obviously out in my eyes).

Your post really helped clarify some of the things I've been struggling with, and has brought me a bit closer to a resolution.

Very helpful!


Cathie B


I am a one issue voter. My issue is Life. So, naturally, I will be voting Republican. A friend from high school keeps trying to engage me in an email debate that will kill our friendship if I take the bait. I loved your post and I hope to draw from it some points you made as I try to figure out how best to address this friend (who, by the way, says education is her one issue). Entitlement mentality (especially in education) is hard to fight because the response to "people just need to be responsible for their choices" is "that just won't happen." So, it seems to me that they have so little hope in Americans that they believe the hype that Nobama offers.

It's a sad state of affairs, my friend, and I just hope people like you (and I) go out and vote.



Cathie, one of the reasons I wrote this post is because I'm trying to puzzle out ways to discuss politics that create more light than heat. Even where it's ill advised to discuss issues -- It ought to be possible to talk about the ways we approach the decision, you know?

Cathie B

Absolutely! I just wish I were as eloquent as you...I tend to be less logical and Way too emotional. I am best waiting until after the elections...

After writing about a 3 page dissertation on how my "one issue" - Life explained my philosophy about education, I decided to chuck it and wait until we were together to discuss it. I think email and sometimes the web are dangerous places to delve into the issues, so I really like your approach!

God bless ya! Keep up the great work.

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