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31 October 2008


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Cathie B

When my 5th was in-utero, I got the "Level II" ultrasound because of my "advanced maternal age". We call it the "let's find out the gender" ultrasound. They found 4 markers for Downs. We were really pushed for further testing and they insisted we meet and talk further with a genetic counselor. We informed them we would not terminate under any condition, even if my life was at stake and they shook their heads. The counselor asked, "Do you know how difficult it is to raise a special needs child?" I said I did (my first would be clinically diagnosed "special needs".) All kids have their challenges and I would take a special needs one in a heart beat if that is what God chose to give us (but I digress)... They asked us to come back in 3 weeks, we did. All markers were gone.

The point is, in scheduling my US, they insisted on going by LMP due date rather than my known NFP date which was 1 1/2 weeks later. They slipped me in at 18 weeks LMP. So, the baby was 16 1/2 weeks. All the fuss was because many of the markers exist in younger fetuses. They go away as they develop. What a bunch of noise and fuss they made. We did do a lot of praying in those 3 weeks. Not that the baby didn't have Downs, but for the people who counseled us and pushed us to have more tests and possibly abort. We also prayed for the strength we would need if he did have special needs.

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