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15 October 2008


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Have you considered teaching according to your individual strengths?
I get together once a week w/ a couple of friends. We are team-teaching a 12 week unit on the Middle Ages for three different grade levels. One teaches the history/mapping component, one does related art & craft activities & I teach language skills. We've invited a few other families to participate (and pay us) which gives us groups of 2-5 children at three different levels. The kids circulate through all three "subjects" each week (one hour each topic for 3 hrs.a week). It works quite well for us.

I'm a teacher who "retired" to homeschool but frequently used a social studies unit as the organizing topic for units in my classroom and continued at home.
Using a history era for your starting point, you could probably organize yourselves to similarly teach separate but connected topics (language skills/literature/story and poetry writing and history information including mapping skills). I would recommend leaving the core subjects (math, spelling)for when you're on your own.

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