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29 October 2008


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Christy P

I am getting used to 'being left' now - many of the people with whom we have made friends in SLC are in transient positions, medical residencies or fellowships or even government jobs which require relocation for advancement. It is tiring to be in the 'getting acquainted' stage all of the time.


Well, that was an effective way to get me to stop "lurking" and actually comment! Your post made me tear up a little bit. Thanks for sharing your glimpse of how we are doing down here. It helped me to see the blessings we have here even though I miss my MN friends and community so much!
It was great to have you here for the weekend, to hear and see the kids play together, to have great conversations, and to just hang out. Our house felt a bit too quiet on Monday morning. You and your family are welcome here any time!

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