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05 October 2008


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Cathie B

Happy Birthday, Erin!!! Man, dinner sounded swell. It was mighty nice of the kids to behave so well so you could enjoy your day. I hope you weren't too worn out after your busy weekend.

God bless you!


Happy Birthday, Erin! It sounds like a fun celebration. It's wonderful to celebrate with all of our kids, isn't it?

I hope this next year is full of many blessings for you.

Margaret in Minnesota

Happy Birthday, one day late!

[I'm thoroughly annoyed at Bloglines, by the way, for having hid this post from me. That's it. I'm switching to Google Reader.]

And what's this? You're only 34? How come you're so much wiser than me?

In any case, have a blessed new year being this fun (young) age.


Happy belated birthday! I also am having trouble with your Bloglines feed -- I was wondering if you were out of town since I hadn't seen a post since the one on person vs. policy

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