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27 November 2008


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Margaret in Minnesota

Okay, you're making me feel self-conscious here. ;)

Happy Thanksgiving, Erin! Let's not talk about over-eating today, okay? (Ha.)

No, let's. I've got time.

When I lost 40 pounds on Weight Watchers, the BEST thing I did was keep a food diary. Indeed, I remember the day I joined W.W. well, because I was going to the HFHE co-op's potluck that night and planned on bringing little quiche-like appetizers I'd bought at Sam's.

Before W.W., I would not have thought twice about how many calories were in each one. There were a couple hundred, I think!

So yes, the accountability was very, very good for me. After I hit my goal, though, I lost incentive. I figured I had "made it" and didn't have worry anymore.

Big mistake. As you've said before, this is a lifelong process.

And I love the last paragraph of this post.

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