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05 November 2008


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Christy P

I will add to this thread for any working outside the home folk -- variations of this work for office lunches, too. A friend of mine participated in 'lunch club' in which every Thursday there was a gathering of people from the office who ate together. They rotated whose job it was to bring the lunch and agreed to keep it vegetarian. Each week they had a convivial gathering (serving to liberate them from cubicles and into actual social interaction), and they only had to prepare the lunch about every 6th week. In order to keep things fair, they actually had a contract about participating in the group for a certain number of weeks (no quitting just before your turn!), but I suspect that in many workplaces it wouldn't have to be that formalized. YMMV


Hey, that's a great idea!


Speaking of making a full meal with leftovers... Yesterday, I had a crockpot of beef stew going inside while I was raking leaves outside. I had planned to eat half last night and put half away in the freezer. Anyway, while outside, my neighbors came over and used their leave vacuum (attached to their John Deer) to help me out. We did the whole yard and he took turns giving the kids rides on the tractor! Because I had enough dinner for two families cooking in the crock pot I was able to deliver dinner to their house as a "thanks!" Worked out well... I like making two dinners at once!

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