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20 November 2008


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Protestants don't believe in Purgatory. They believe that once your life is over, your fate is sealed--heaven or hell, it's a done deal. So, there is no point in praying for the deceased person. In protestant culture, when someone dies, the "proper" thing is to pray for the family and friends that are mourning--that they will be comforted. I have to walk a fine line when talking to my protestant family about funerals and such, as the Catholic funeral is very different from their beliefs.


Sorry, I hit post before I was done...
I have left instructions that I want a full funeral Mass with a rosary beforehand. I like some of the comments about leaving instructions for Masses not flowers, too. I'll talk to dh about the month of Gregorian Masses--I'd never heard of that before.

Thanks for the food for thought.



I'm with you, slim! :-)

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