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29 November 2008


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There is something in the idea of having some high-quality basic pieces -- I'm without several essentials in my wardrobe, and it makes dressing for any occasion very burdensome. And having clothes fit neatly is no small thing. Once, when I was in college, I had a skirt tailored to fit me precisely, and I always felt like a million bucks whenever I wore it. On the other hand, I don't know that I want to spend $6000 to bolster my self-esteem.

I do wish I had a cashmere sweater, though.


I'm in the position of having to replace my entire wardrobe, more or less. I've kept up with my casual wear -- I have jeans and knit tops -- but not really my "lookin'-good" clothes.

I'm thinking maybe I should be more forward-thinking about it, make a list of "essentials" and take the time to carefully choose well-made, coordinated pieces, a few at a time as our budget allows.

I think my personal list (based on what I had in my closet before I lost the weight) is as follows:

- black trousers + slim skirt + fitted jacket = one suit
- charcoal trousers
- flat-front dressy khakis
- jeans (already have)
- long and short floral-print skirts (already have)

- black turtleneck
- crewneck sweater + cardigan = one twinset
- white button down
- pinstripe button down
- black and white tee shirts (already have)
- pretty silk blouse
- "very me" sweater
- sparkly top (already have)

- versatile black dress
- comfy knit dress

- bright scarf (okay, I never had one, but I want one)
- The Leather Coat (same thing there)

I'd leave shoes out of it, but I could probably use a pair of classic black pumps and a pair of metallic flats.

I know the suit seems silly for an at-home mom to have, but I had a "good black suit" (bought for interviews and presentations in grad school) before, and I can tell you that the individual pieces of a good black suit are incredibly versatile.

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