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11 November 2008


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go go go go!

Amy F

I'm about at the same point. I haven't lost as much as you and the closest I've gotten to my goal is about 3 lbs, but for me, anything under 140 feels pretty acceptable, so I'm having a hard time caring enough to hit 135. My exercise of choice isn't possible in freezing temperatures, so I need to either start exercising indoors or eat even less, neither of which is appealing with people offering Halloween candy left and right and heavy winter food to eat. But you're inspiring me to get going to hit that instead of being satisfied with 138. I'd much rather waver between 133 and 136 than 137 and 140 as I'm doing now.


I was just thinking about you yesterday and how impressed I was that you are still working so hard at losing those last 3 pounds. I know for myself that when I lose when if I get close to whatever goal I set I'm done. It's only perpetuated the cycle for me because if it's ok to weigh x, then it's not so bad to weigh x+2, etc. Until I am disgusted and start all over again.

You're doing great and that last three pounds will be a tremendous boost to your confidence. It's been awesome reading your journey. Don't give up!

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