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25 November 2008


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Christy P

I like to look in people's carts in the check out line.

Especially at Costco.

Rather than feeling holier than thou for my basket of cheese, olives, bread, and cereal, I try to think about it as a causal mechanism. If one fills one's cart at Costco with chips, soda, and various types of heavily processed and packaged foodlike substances than one will look like the person pushing that sort of cart.

Christy P

Oh yeah, that minutes per week of physical activity thing -- remember a week can start anytime you want. I think that people get hung up on "oh no it's Friday and I haven't done anything this week and then it is almost a new week so why start now because I won't get that 90 minutes I'm supposed to get"

Instead recall that time is relative (lunchtime doubly so) and say "OK, my week starts today! Let's accumulate those minutes of physical activity, starting now."

Full disclosure: Living with a toddler myself, do I get as much activity as I would like? No, but I try not to let the lack of other activity be my excuse not to get going when the opportunity does arise.

Margaret in Minnesota

Erin, I hope that my saying this doesn't embarrass you, but I just love you for your candor! (I look into other people's grocery carts, too. Hasn't stopped me from buying chips, alas.)

If I haven't commented as much on your weight loss series as I should, it is because I am struggling SO much with my eating choices right now. It is one thing to KNOW what one should be doing and eating; it is another, more shameful thing to acknowledge that you are too weak to do it.

And in answer to your post below--how do you respond to people who ask you "how you did it?!!"--I would submit that MOST people don't want to know about all the hard work and effort involved. We want a fast and easy solution because darn it, we're Americans! To those people, I would say, "I ate less and exercised more."

No, I wouldn't say that. I'm far too verbose to say just that. But really, it's the truth and I think that you have to determine how much of an investment that person is willing to make in the conversation.

Because you DO look great. However, you did not just go into your closet one day and step into the new you.


Margaret: " I think that you have to determine how much of an investment that person is willing to make in the conversation."

This is exactly what Mark said to me -- that I should just come right out and ask, "What are you interested in knowing about it?" And listen to what they have to say, (novel, I know) and then respond.

The following sound bite occurs to me:

"You know how they say you're supposed to eat less and exercise more? I decided that I really wanted to eat less, and I really wanted to exercise more. And when I did that, it turned out that I lost weight."


Actually, I think "I broke the process down into manageable goals" is a nice, pithy response. Them as is interested will ask for clarification, and them as isn't will just say, "Isn't that nice?" and you're spared having to explain your system to someone just making chit-chat.

Margaret in Minnesota

Okay, dear font of wisdom, here's a question for you. What do you recommend for my pregnancy nausea cravings? I liked the "cheese cubes, almonds, & blueberries" suggestion you made over at my blog, but what else can I turn to when the only thing that sounds good (and stomach settling) is noshing mindlessly on Tostitos?


Switch to whole grain crackers to start? Triscuits are pretty good for a national brand. I personally swear by the whole grain varieties of Wasa brand crispbread type crackers. There are also Blue Diamond's Nut Thins.

But if you can give whole raw plain almonds a trial period, and try to acqauire a taste for theem, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Lots of women swear by them for settling the first-trimester tummy, and they are high in calcium. Maybe if you combine them with fruit you'll get the quick hit of sugar from the fruit (that's the high you're after when you hit the chips) plus the longer lasting slow burn from the almonds.


MrsDarwin, I think you're absolutely right -- what you said sets the right tone.

The truth is I didn't realize what I was doing at the time, of course, but I did break it down into manageable, short-term goals. Like, on the scale of *hours.* Occasionally minutes.

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