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26 November 2008


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Cathie B

Erin, It's possible to do during pregnancy, too. I normally gain TONs of weight. This pregnancy, thanks to inspiration by folks like you and my sister (who's lost 72 lbs btw), I have kept my entire first trimester gain to less than 4 lbs. That is a record. I usually am gaining a pound a week. I've been using your strategies (mostly veggies), no seconds, a few bites of dessert. Now, it did help that for 3 weeks my MD forced me to give up food after 6 or 7pm because of reflux, but the OB lifted that sanction, saying that a SMALL HEALTHY night time snack is in order for pregnant women.

You have shown more than enough will power and stamina to get to where you are to be able to do it during pregnancy and I love the small victories and delayed gratification posts. I think that we need to work on "gluttony" as a society, for the most part. Thanks for your help along the way.

Christy P

Here's the important bit of the comment I left for Margaret:

Corn tortillas are a whole grain product, especially if they are made from stone ground corn. Perhaps you can replace Tostitos with corn tortilla quesadillas? Add salt if you need to, or get salt from some salsa. You can make them ahead and then re-heat in the toaster oven.

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