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03 November 2008


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Christy P

Wait until tomorrow to check the pain. Proper shoes can go a long way to enjoying vertical workouts. I don't run, but I will walk on the treadmill occasionally.


Congratulations! By the way, outside is definitely more fun than facing a brick wall. Though I confess, I will sometimes run on the treadmill just because "The Simpson's" are on TV! Terrible, I know, but it's amazing how much faster the 30 minutes of cardio go by that way.


I've always had a hard time running on a treadmill -- shin splints are definitely a problem. I rarely got shin splints running outside. (I use the past tense because I'm only just starting up again slowly after baby.) When I went to the gym, I usually did cardio on the stair steppy things that have handles. I found that those gave a pretty good workout.

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