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12 November 2008


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Cathie B

You are my inspiration. Being in the first trimester, I was appalled when my doctor told me I could not eat after 6pm. I'm having problems with reflux into my windpipe, causing bronchitis, pneumonia, all those fun lung infections requiring antibiotics. Then, I thought of you. I had myself convinced that I needed food to stave off the morning sickness (that occurs for me mostly before bed). I even told my doctor she was off her rocker. But, I have made it now, the last two nights not eating after 7pm (we eat late). What's harder is she's got me on meds now that I have to take right away upon rising that require I wait 1 hour before eating. Let me tell you, I set that timer and I'm eating like a starving person when the bell dings. The upside is maybe I won't gain so much weight this pregnancy. Oh, and she's nixed all my favorite foods as triggering the reflux - imagine me with no chocolate, no coffee, NO DIET COKE. Okay, I haven't quite taken all those steps yet, but I will before the next week is out because I think it's better to work through the grief in stages. Thanks for the inspiration to do it!


Oh yuck!

Are you sure that chocolate triggers reflux? I refuse to believe it!

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