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17 November 2008


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Christy P

RE: the roasted asparagus -- if you happen to have leftovers, it is really excellent cold too. You can mix it into green salad, especially with pickled beets (watch out for HFCS) and goat cheese with a lemony dressing.

If you happen to have thick, tough asparagus stalks, you can attack them with the vegetable peeler to make the lower portions of the stems more edible.

You're lucky to find decent asparagus this time of year. I haven't even thought about using it since about June when it goes out of season here. There is some in the store, but it is expensive!

Similar for leftover green beans, but it seems like they are more likely to go into salad with shredded chicken, buffalo sauce and blue cheese, at least at my house.

Christy P

Oh yeah, almost any time I am roasting, I throw in a head or two of garlic so that I have some roasted garlic on hand. So yummy in many different ways.

AND - you can roast frozen green beans. They aren't nearly as good, and you have to thaw them and dry them off pretty well first, but if you are craving in midwinter and only have the frozen remembrance of your garden it is better than nothing.

Cathie B

As one of those "allergic people", I deeply appreciated your contribution to said potluck of a few weeks ago. It's hard to fill the plate with veggies when there are usually none except the kind laden with sauces or baked in a casserole with rice (to which I am allergic).

Thanks for the recipe!


Re: the asparagus being expensive -- yes, it is, but this is for the holidays :-)

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