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12 November 2008


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Oh, it's absolutely the bridesmaid dress...

Thanks. That gives me a clearer idea of how to fit workouts into my routine, such as it is. Right now I walk/jog for about 30 min. in the morning three days a week, but with a nursing baby it's ridiculously hard to get up early. Maybe I'm lazy (likely) but the thought of waking up early to exercise is killing me.



(1) Ask your husband to make you get up?

(2) Sleep in your running clothes?

(3) Promise yourself a reward?

(4) Start with just ONCE a week?

I know if I was trying to establish a get-up-early-to-exercise habit, I'd think of some lovely thing I could only get if I got up early. Like ten minutes in a totally quiet house with a fresh cup of coffee and the newspaper. I'd do that first and then go exercise. Or, since it's me and I drive to the Y rather than run out my door, I'd tell myself I'd stop on the way home to pick up bagels for breakfast.

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