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20 November 2008


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As a similar-sized (now) to you person, I have spent a lot of time being cold. Invest in nice cardigans. :)


Hey Erin,
Flexibility is great when can afford it. I think there will definitely be a time when you can. Now may not be that time though since you are in transition from losing to maintaining. One concern about flexibility is that it can cause a person to feel uncertain or even out of control especially when you are not really confident of your "regular" routine. It sounds like it may take a some time of maintaining before you feel really confident that you can stay at your goal weight despite minor fluctuations. I would encourage flexibility at that point (especially if it involves running and biking - hint, hint).

Ah, just my two cents worth...take it for what it is. See you soon!!

Christy P

Wool socks. All the time.

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