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15 November 2008


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Amy F

Thanks for the explanation :)

I think getting rid of everything more than 2 sizes too big would probably be a good idea. If pants 2 sizes big don't fit during pregnancy, it's time to get actual maternity clothes (which I suspect you have in the attic anyway) because the non-maternity large clothes are going to hang really funny. Even postpartum, maternity clothes ought to fit until the 2 sizes too big clothes work. It seems over-the-top to keep 5 sizes.


OK, Amy, you're right. It *is* pretty crazy to keep five sizes! I didn't buy TONS of stuff in the middle sizes, just enough to get me through, but you're absolutely right, there's stuff in there I'm hopefully never ever going to wear again.

Amy F

You should keep one of those pairs of size 14 pants so you can make goofy commercials, though :)


LOL! OK, you might get me to pose with the big pants.

Can I use maternity pants? Is that cheating?


As a 5'2" 105 pounder in non-maternity life, I never found the 2 sizes too big solution to work well for me. I popped out pretty early, even with my first. I have frequently been somewhat frustrated with being so small because it limits places where I can shop. Stores that start at size 4 just don't have anything for me. Of course, there wasn't always old navy and target. I also love gap and banana republic, but now that I don't work full time it's difficult to justify spending the extra money.

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