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09 December 2008


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I would think that after going into gain mode a few times, you could cultivate a list of a few items to add throughout the day to bring your weight back up. Then you wouldn't need to gorge.

I'm thinking a whole piece of toast with breakfast, adding something to the afternoon snack, and maybe joining Mark and the children for the bedtime snack?


I consider my normal to be 105. When my daughter was about 7 months old we went through some sort of growth spurt or something and my weight began to drop. At that point, I already felt I was eating all I could. I did things like eat more bananas and avocados (both considered pretty calorie dense) and I began drinking one Carnation instant breakfast drink a day (I have always found it easier to consume extra liquid calories). I also tried making my oatmeal with milk, but found I really didn't care for that. Also, donuts (like one a day). I think I had to do it for about a month, and then something else (unidentified) changed and I didn't need to do it anymore.

Christy P

Don't want to endorse a Nestle product...but instant breakfast combines really well with a milky cup of coffee into a power mocha. Consumed with your regular breakfast that is a nice bolus of calories with some vitamins.

When pregnant and in gain mode, I use sour cream. Otherwise, not so much. We eat Mexican at least 2 times a week and adding some cream adds calories without having to fix a different dinner for me.

If you want more empty calories, have a beer.

I think that the strategy of adding some throughout the day is more successful than adding one high-calorie snack like chocolate because you still want to keep your blood sugar from wild fluctuations. Especially in pregnancy, keeping blood sugar at a stable level can work to prevent nausea... In the non-pregnant, avoiding peaks and valleys can help mood and prevent binges.


Have a beer...

I was thinking maybe I should just drink more alcohol. Right now I don't quite get the recommended one-half to one alcoholic drink per day for heart health... I probably have two drinks a week.


After a few of these tweaks -- oops, I ate too much, my weight's up a bit, gotta cut back; oops, I cut back too much, my pants are falling off again, gotta eat a little more -- after a few of these tweaks I'll understand a bit better how much I really need to eat to maintain. Right?

I'm immediately picturing this as a recurring gag in a movie where every so often you walk into the room and your pants fall off, leaving you to run desperately around the house in search of a chocolate bar.


It'd be funnier if I was running desperately around the house in search of a beer.

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