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18 December 2008


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I've been struggling lately about how to convey these messages, so I'm looking forward to your solutions. Perhaps some kind of shape (star, circle, square, so on) or a color code? I do agree that there should be some top grade for excellence that should be awarded only to particularly good work -- maybe that's where the "+" in "A+" comes from. But I don't like letter grades either, at this point.

Christy P

I don't recall if you had the same Math 255 teacher as I did (it was the first differential equations, and he was from Transylvania, seriously!), so you may or may not relate directly. Anyway, on the 1st midterm, I carelessly worked myself into an incorrect stream of manipulation that got me to taking a square root of a negative number. It was one of many problems on the exam, but I recall that he deducted 52 out of 100 points because upon arriving at something so illogical I should have realized and at least commented that I made an error instead of leaving it hanging there to work on something that I could do more competently. Yowch. But I haven't forgotten...


I have your symbols (read in the order you've laid them out)!






I jest..I jest. :-D

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