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03 December 2008


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I agree that it's really important to not view any food as bad. I'm trying to practice that with my daughter and instill the "in moderation" ideal.

I'm having a major problem now at 6 months pregnant that I feel I can barely eat anything without feeling uncomfrotably full. I'm also waking up at night with uncomfortable reflux, even if I eat several hours before bed. The bummer here is that I feel I can't even have a "treat" since I can comfortably eat so little to begin with... And I've been having some mildly painful cramps, so have initiated my "drink lots of water to avoid contractions" regime. I'm definitely enjoying this pregnancy less than the first.


I am so happy to read about your excitement and satisfaction of reaching your goal weight. Heartfelt Congratulations!

I don't remember exactly how you reached that number. Did you just go by what is recommended for your frame? And in the beginning did you think that it was too low a number, that you would be "too skinny" once you got there. Also, now that you're there, is it a comfortable place to be?

I would like to lose my baby weight plus the 25 lbs I already had before she was born but that's still probably 15-20 lbs more than my 'ideal' weight according to some charts. I don't want to be that skinny. I guess because I think I won't feel like me anymore and I'm worried about the extra skin thing and think that those few extra pounds might smooth things out a bit. ;)

I'm curious to know what you think.

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