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17 December 2008


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Christy P

You should drag the pants back out to have a real (non web cam) photo taken. Then print it.

Wonderful testament to free will.

Amy F


I hit my goal weight of 133 for the first time this morning (despite eating more than my share of Christmas cookies lately), but I've got to get my 5 day average down another 1.5 lbs before I'm really there.

As for hemming -- I agreed to hem my sister's pants as her Christmas present and I was shocked how fast and simple it was (thanks YouTube). Maybe I should get around to my own pile of mending now...


That picture is great! I love your look of pleased surprise. :)

I've been enjoying watching my weight drop slowly but steadily with the addition of exercise and some very minor eating modifications, even though I feel like I'm just losing the "baby fat" which is supposed to come off. Of course fat is fat, so I doubt my body distinguishes between weight gained during pregnancy and weight gained at other times.

Jennifer (Conversion Diary)

Wow, that's so inspiring!

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