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26 January 2009


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Christy P

The political spectrum is actually a mobius strip. It wraps around in back in an often overlooked area of agreement. On many issues I find that people who identify as very conservative agree with people who agree with those who identify as very liberal. Just not on all issues. Abortion itself is probably not one of those areas of agreement, but avoiding unwanted pregnancies might be (perhaps with different strategies for getting there). Here's to the notion of harnessing the power of the wraparound to build unexpected coalitions!

Barbara C.

Well, unfortunately the only issue the Democratic Party will make a definite united stand on is being Pro-Choice. If you are a Pro-Life Democrat it is almost impossible to move beyond the local level, the party will not allow it. I suspect that it is kind of the same thing for Pro-Choice Republicans.

I really wish that the Electoral College would be abolished because it makes it impossible for Third Party candidates to go very far or build up momentum at all, and our two main parties both suck. It's just a matter of determining just which one you think sucks less.


Game Theory - I like how you talk, and I think you are probably right. Nothing is going to change in this impasse until the pro-life movement or some outside event changes Game in some way. Right now, the pro-life movement is pulling on the end of the rope and making the knot tighter.

I totally relate to your post. I started out solidly in the liberal democrat column. Fortunately I have enough of a brain, and am too stubborn to drink the cool aide. I call myself eclectic.

But you are right, I've got more sympathy for small government and free market arguments due to debating with conservatives. I've pretty much lined up in the moderate pro-gun, pro-concealed carry column.

If it wasn't for the obtuseness of conservatives on energy, conservation, environmental regulation, and particularly transportation I might flip over. SUV drivers with Bush stickers running me down while I am biking really turn me off.



Paul, I'm completely with you on the environmental/transportation thing. It really frustrates me when conservatives appear to oppose environmental or energy-conservation initiatives purely because of who's sponsoring them.

That isn't to say that every proposed environmental regulation or piece of spending designed to reduce energy use is a good use of taxpayer dollars -- many of them have lots of potential for "bite back" (e.g. appearing to do good but actually making things worse) -- still, environmental initiatives deserve to be taken on their merits like anything else.

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