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23 January 2009


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I have finally had to admit that eating french fries and other oily fried foods sets off acid reflux for me. Since I have celiac disease, I already had to give up most fast food, but I had these few convenience foods to fall back on in an "emergency." Well, it's not worth it anymore. Good riddance. :)


LeeAnn, for emergency gluten-free fast food, I can't recommend anything more heartily than keeping a jar of nuts in the car. Almonds are my favorite; Blue Diamond packages four varieties (plain, sea salt, vanilla and cinnamon) in a car-cupholder-shaped plastic bottle for a decent price.

Few people are allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, AND sunflower seeds. One of those three should work for most people! The great thing about nuts and seeds is that they have fat, protein, carbs and fiber all rolled into one, so they truly are a mini-meal. And many varieties (not all-- don't use macadamia nuts) will keep for quite a while.


Thanks--I probably need to go cold turkey on the Kirkland Trail Mix (with raisins and M&M's) and switch to plain nuts. Especially after reading "Good Calories, Bad Calories"! I read about it on your blog and was intrigued.

Took me nearly a week, but finished it last night. Loved the book--really a page-turner and not quite as difficult to get through as I imagined--although some of science was lost of me. As a person who is 100 pounds overweight, I found it hopeful and energizing.
Turns out he was on Oprah last week and my mom is itching to read it too.

I have started trying to count carbs, which I never did before (or calories, for that matter) and am realizing I have a leg up on some folks since I have given up most bready and processed foods already. I am making good use of our Foreman grill now, grilling up large quantities of chicken and beef.

Did you hear that the Mystery Science Theater guy is going on a bacon diet for February? Nothing but bacon for the entire month. I find that hilarious. Will he end up in the same state as the "SuperSize Me" guy or no? I have to admit, an entire month of bacon doesn't sound too bad, but that's a lot of salt, I think....

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