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01 January 2009


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Happy New Year.

Absolutely fascinating, Erin. I'm ready to start the final push of losing baby weight right now and this is more food for thought--and another book to check the library for!

So much of your journey has resonated with me. I've never struggled with my weight, but I do have a voracious sweet tooth. I want to be healthy, but often there are too many empty calories in my diet.

So, I'm keeping a list (for the sake of interesting data, as you suggested, not condemnation) of what I'm eating. I'm also keeping a list of what I'm doing--how can I fit in exercise time without knowing where my time is going? If I can fool myself into thinking that I don't eat too much chocolate, can't I fool myself into thinking I don't spend too much time on the computer?

Thanks again. Keep up the posts on all sorts of topics!

Jennifer (Conversion Diary)

Wow, I continue to marvel at how much we're on the same page (down to planning to use books about nutrition as motivation).

As I said in my email, I think you're right on with this. I'm now approaching my own diet goals as a two-phased (at least) project where the first one is to get my insulin levels under control, and the second one is to work on gluttony.

Your posts on this subject are fascinating -- keep them coming!


Fascinating. I've just been reading about food and diet; may have to add this one. You're talking to someone with a life time of weight issues so I'm always interested in new research on the subject.

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