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13 January 2009


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qualcosa di bello

i am thoroughly enjoying browsing through your blog...you are the first person i've encountered whose wt. loss is so close to my pattern (even the numbers on ht. & wt.'s) thank you so much for putting it out there. this past dec. i passed the 4.5 yr. mark of my loss.

one thing that i cannot believe i did not consider in the process was what you wrote..."asked God to remove all attachment to food that wasn't the Eucharist." but you can bet that i have added that to my daily prayers this very week! thank you!!


Thanks for posting! Wow, 4.5 years -- it's nice to hear from someone who's kept it off that long. Sometimes it's daunting to imagine the years going by and still having to be so vigilant.

You have a lovely blog too!

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