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18 January 2009


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qualcosa di bello

a-ha...replacing the "thoughts" with doing...i am never at a loss in our home for something to "do" & when mental hunger struck over the last 4 years after my wt. loss (eat a cookie, eat a cookie~~ those incessant thoughts), i would grab something, anything (laundry, the sponge, the toilet bowl brush, whatever). now my new challenge is to 'pray without ceasing' while doing these things...afterall, i don't need to think about cleaning the toilet bowl(plenty of practice there!!) & so rather i am trying to change my mental tapes to praying for those who use it.

one interesting thing i read over the weekend about spiritual dry spells (wish i could remember where...) was the question to one experiencing them: what did God last clearly tell you to do? were you obedient to that? He never gives us more than we can handle & maybe that's why it seems dry at the moment...He's waiting for me to be obedient. that is my companion thought this week.

sorry to ramble so...

Jennifer (Conversion Diary)

"Not necessarily the most serious of vices, and one that I plan to shake off eventually... after I am done shopping for all my nice new clothes, and admiring myself in them in the mirror."

That is hilarious. I also love the term "spiritual debugging." I'll have to remember that one!

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