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02 January 2009


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Jennifer (Conversion Diary)

"...addiction is a disease that, if present, mitigates the guilt."

Hmm. This makes me think that I've been using the word "addiction" incorrectly. I don't know much about it so that's very possible.

When I think of having an "addiction" to carbs, I think of it as meaning that my body is in a cycle of desperately craving a substance that gives me a "high" but is ultimately unhealthy for me not only in what it does physically but in the way it makes my brain chemistry more set up towards anger, depression, etc.

So, for me anyway, thinking of it as having an "addiction" doesn't lessen the guilt. It's not like anyone is making me eat the bowl of pasta. Rather, it's just a way of labeling an unhealthy cycle that my body is stuck in that is exacerbating the issue of gluttony.

For me, the helpful part of focusing on the addiction aspect is to realize the importance of doing everything in my power to get my body out of the cycle where I'm constantly salivating for the next "high." I may continue to crave carbs to some extent for the rest of my life, but it would be irresponsible not to take steps that would get me out of the unnatural "red zone" cravings that are a result of an unbalanced system.

But, as you say, that doesn't mean that we are excused from working on gluttony while we're dealing with that.

Angela C.

I have tried, repeatedly, to stop drinking sodas over the years. The last time I made a tremendous effort at it was for a two month period, during which I expected the cravings to fade. That never happened. So what you've written here is a HUGE revelation to me and it gives me the sense that though these daily cravings might not lessen for a long time, with God's help I can deal with them. But what I would like to know is if I forbidden to ever have one again after I stop? Is it like an alcohol addiction? But I figure I will just have to deal with not having one minute by minute if necessary.

Thank you SO MUCH for posting about all this Erin, it's tremendous.


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