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10 January 2009


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Angela F

Hi Erin,
I came over from Elizabeth's. I will be re-reading these! I've been working starting this week on an exercise and eating plan. I was fine the first 4 days and then Friday, the hunger kicked in. So, perfect timing for me to be reading here! By the way, do you have any before and after photos? I met you at the Conference in MN very briefly at the bloggers fireside chat. I'm assuming that's a before? Anyway, congratulations and thank you for writing what you've learned!
God bless


Congratulations! You look great! I am looking forward to checking out your blog more in coming days (I am visiting via Elizabeth Foss' site). I have lost a good amount of weight in the past few years but I am a little worried since I just stopped nursing...I think that was my magic secret and I am not sure what will happen now! ;)


Oh you sexy thang! I've been stuck at 140 (5'4") for 18months and am getting ready to kick things in to lose those last 15-20 baby pounds. Thanks for the encouragement!


Wow. I stayed up til 2 am reading your July-Nov posts and finished up to date today. A lot of very good writing and helpful information to me. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I am very interested in the Good Calories, Bad Calories book after your summary, but I'm dubious that I'll understand it all.
I think the main thing from your blog that resonates with me is the simple idea, "it's okay to be hungry." Yeah. That takes some internal change to get that. Thanks.

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