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07 February 2009


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I don't do this now and it's been a while, but I have done it periodically when I weighed less. Running worked. Swimming didn't - I'm not very good at it and I tend to get sinus infections in chlorinated water, weirdly enough.

One thing that I've noticed in the past was that it was easiest for me to exercise first thing in the morning. Chances that I would not see the changing of clothing and showering *again* as an insurmountable obstacle were slim to none. Best to just get it over with. But I almost always tried to exercise in combination with some form of food/diet alteration and the exercise made me hungry, and I was tired. Not necessarily out of breath or unfit, but stamina and endurance peaked relatively early in the process and then got worse and worse until I gave up.

Now that I'm trying this carb restriction thing I've noticed that I've got way more energy, even after only a few weeks, so I'm feeling motivated to see if this will have a different effect, since I was always doing low-fat before.

I just signed up for a gym membership, I get a discount through the hospital I work at, and I feel like I need access after hours, since I don't want to exercise outside when it's dark. I get to pick up my card on Monday, so I'm looking forward to your posts on how to coordinate exercise and the rest of one's life.


I think "induced exercise" is extremely valuable, both in terms of overall health and as a discipline. My form of exercise is strength training (in the vernacular: lifting weights). When I first started I enjoyed it mainly as a way to lose weight quickly without adjusting my eating. (This is not so true anymore, so I'm going to have to start cutting carbs and watching portions.) The health benefits are manifest, but the discipline of keeping the schedule has been invaluable for me, who have such trouble staying on task.

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