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15 February 2009


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Erin, I am gathering that you would recommend purchasing this book? I've read most (all?) of the other diet books you've mentioned by name, but checked them out from the library.

I am also getting that you think this book would be helpful for someone without lots of weight to lose, but that wants to improve their relationship to food (gluttony doesn't always add to weight loss)?


Personally, I think it's smart to use your library to preview new books. Saves a lot of money. I hate to undermine that good habit if you've got it well established!

But I think this one is truly different from most other diet books I have seen, which are all about the eating plan. The Stage 1 stuff feels so close to "how I did it" that I just might start recommending it to people who ask what plan I followed. An exception is that I already had an exercise routine in place before I started modifying my eating and losing weight. And I would still like to argue in my current "induced exercise" series that beginning with exercise alone is a good idea.

I think that it might be helpful to people who want to improve their relationship to food but who don't have weight to lose --- as long as they have enough motivating reasons and don't let "well, this book is for overweight people" become an excuse to pick and choose aspects of the program.

Margaret in Minnesota

This is an excellent review, Erin. Do I get partial credit for inspiring it? ;)

Having checked out Judith Beck's first book, The Beck Diet Solution, from my library...renewing as many times as I was allowed...checking it out AGAIN after that...

...I have gone ahead and purchased The Beck Diet for Life from Amazon.

Would you like to be my diet buddy?

I think that two of my biggest impediments to this program are 1. impatience and 2. rebelliousness. You KNOW I have that inner rebel, right? Well, she has to exert her will somehow and it seems overeating is the most acceptable way to do so.

As for the impatience thing, I am a classic "skip ahead to the good parts" type person. This leads to inconstancy and, ultimately, failure...so yes, I've got my work cut out for me.

How lucky I am, though, that Lent is just a week away!



Sure, I'll be your diet buddy.

(evil laugh) You are a brave, brave soul if you want to be accountable to ME.

But you have to promise me to stay on the cognitive-behavioral stuff till you have that baby and get him/her started on solid foods. You gotta feed yourself.

That'll force you to take your time.

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