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12 February 2009


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It's helpful for me to remember that the time I'm taking for myself isn't just luxury time (though mothers need some of that as well), but time that will help me to be a healthier person and a better mother and wife.


I really fall into this boat. I live in a small town with no YMCA or other affordable gym.

I have enough children that I can't take a walk around the neighborhood, because we go so slooowllly that I'd never break a mile an hour. Nor is it safe to leave the children alone in the house to go and walk.

Of course, there is getting up earlier, or walking in the evening, but those are not my best times for being motivated enough to actually exercise.

My husband loves playing videogames, and he bought a Wii fit a few months ago. I was initially looking at it as yet another waste of money, but I have to say, my exercise has become very regular since we got it. I can work out during nap time, which is my best motivated time. I can start and stop if there are interruptions. It keeps a log, and weight chart so I see my progress. I especially like a feature which allows me to do step or jogging while watching tv or reading. I often do a half an our of step in the evening, in addition to my normal half hour of aerobic and strength training at nap time.

Of course, none of it is as high energy as I'd get jogging or working out in a real gym, but since I'm actually doing low impact exercise regularly now, instead of thinking about doing high impact, I'm really happy with it.

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