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25 February 2009


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What's made it easier for me to get exercise in is having the equipment (in this case, weights and a few bars) at home. That doesn't work for things like swimming, of course, unless you've got a pool in the back yard, but for people who want to run or do elliptical machines or what have you, it's worth considering making an investment in home workout equipment to make sure you get that exercise into your day.


Interestingly enough, I am sure that it's true for some people, but I also think that a pile of home workout equipment can actually *defeat* other people. There it is, staring at you every day, perhaps being pressed into service as a drying rack, reminding you of your failure...

(We have a stair climber gathering dust in our attic.)

Me, I never had any success exercising at home. I can think of many reasons why that might be, but not until I committed to leave the house to get exercise did I get regular exercise.


I love the humor in this post. Keeping the children alive is priority 1! Same here. :)

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